Little Dandelion..

In Miracle ~ Milagro on June 12, 2010 at 4:22 am

Like a fragile dandelion seed

Blown by the wind

Fly, swing in the wide sky

Little dandelion’s somehow scared

As the wind blows it to unknown place

That keeps hidden secrets unrevealed


And so is life…

The fragile mankind stands still

Too scared to follow The Wind

Too scared to fly with The Wind and enjoy the swing

Too scared if somehow The Wind drops him to a strange place

Leave him with scars and bleed

Too scared of being hurt

Never know that The Wind is going along with him

Swing together

Hold him tight

Hold us tight

Just trust The Wind

As He has the best plan for us

Through the storm of life

Through the hard moments of life

For us to grow

To fly higher and higher

And be the best person we can be

  1. Emang bahasa bunga dandelion itu ya? Kalo saya, bunga anemone aja deh. ;))

  2. dandelion.. kesannya rapuh bgt..

    • penggambaran saya sih, dandelion sebenarnya rapuh, tapi dia mau mengikuti ayunan angin, dan akhirnya bisa bertahan

  3. suka kata-katanya, ini masih berhubungan ma postingan sebelah chiil? ijin ngopy boleh?

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