About A Decision, A Conscious One

In Memory ~ Hafiza on April 6, 2013 at 1:46 am

Remember your hardest time.

Remember your hardest time, when you were on the intersection, confused with the path that you had to choose.

Remember your hardest time, when people buzzed in your ears, telling you what to do, and which path to choose. As they knew what was best for you.

Or.. They thought they knew.

Remember your hardest time, when you had no choice rather than following what people asked you to do, while it was the last thing you wanted to do. While it was the opposite of what you were willing to do.

You thought you had no choice.

Remember your hardest time, when you juggled upon this and that, adjusted things so it would fit your circle’s expectation upon you. Putting them as top priorities above your own. Compromising things. Sacrificing things. Many things.

To make it worse, your happiness.

Then you regret.
You regret that things don’t come according your plan. That people don’t even give a damn about what you have sacrificed for them. That after all of those pain you have been through, you still couldn’t please anyone. Not even yourself.

There is no point of blaming others since they said it was you, who made the decision. And yes, it was. Regardless any factor.

But the show must go on.

At some point in your life, you really need to give yourself a time. A luxurious one. When you could close your eyes, and plug your ears. When you could hear nothing but your heart beat. When there is no more noise. No more cling and clatter.

And that, my friend, is the perfect time to contemplate and re-think about our life; how we give meaning to our life.

Ask yourself, “Is this the life I want to live?”

Question yourself over and over again, “What do I really want in my life?”

As for me, the best decision is nothing but the one consciously made.

A conscious decision.

You will hear people trying to provoke you, trying to make the decision for your life, for your future. Over and over again. But in the end, it is YOU who decide. It is YOU who take control upon your life. As you know what you really want. As you know what is best for you.

This way, you won’t regret.

  1. on decisions, reminds me that it was one day when I realized that there is very fine line between ‘pain’ and ‘regret’. you are in charge of your life, no matter what your situation is. sometimes you have to take uneasy decisions, sometimes painful ones. there are also times when you are forced to take decisions for your own against your happiness. like it or not.


    even if it’s painful, when it’s your decision you consciously and deliberately take, you live with it. you have less regret. as for me, the question was, ‘would I rather cope with pain or would I live with regret?’. it dawned on me that I’d take the former anytime, anywhere than the latter, so I bit the bullet and took the decision. not saying it was easy, but not even once I regret it.

    though frankly, it’s much easier when one of the options includes your happiness and/or what you want. do I take med school or not? do I confess to that girl or not? do I take extra hours at work or not? well, those are quite easy questions —if you are not happy with what you want, your loss! 😉

  2. yg posting sama yg komen podo susah dibacanya =)))))

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