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I feel like I’m lack of variations in using English words. I usually use thesaurus to find alternative words that have similar meaning when I’m about to write articles in English. In order to step up my capability of speaking English, I start this word-a-day as a project for my #misi21, and put it in my things-to-do list by continuously adding a new word a day taken from here.

So, let’s learn a new English word a day with me! 😀

1. Quaeritate

v. to ask
No, Jimmy, your goldfish isn’t dead. It’s quaeritating you to rub its belly.

2. Pamphagous
adj. eating or consuming everything
Lana’s weight broke the scales and being a vengeful pamphagous eater, she decided to swallow the wretched machine as well.
3. Sodalitious
adj. belonging to society or fellowship
To demonstrate his sodalitious nature, he went and got a tattoo but unfortunately got the spelling wrong.
4. Affictitious
adj. artificial, counterfeit, fake
Do not believe any affictitious stories told to you by your mother.

  1. thanks teacher.
    I will learn from you ..

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